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Gluten free, soy free, vegan, and delicious!

We’re bringing simple pleasures back to the lives of people who never wanted to give them up.  Our Story 

Great taste that everyone can enjoy together!

Allergy Friendly

Our products are gluten free, soy free, and avoid the top 8 allergens, so everyone can be included and enjoy together.


Our products are vegan as part of our pledge to not participate in environmental degradation, or human or animal detriment.

All Natural

We use all natural ingredients, guaranteeing that what you are eating is of the purest quality, without the additives.

(Almost) Nut-free

The only “nut” we use is coconut. Botanically, coconut is a tropical fruit, and absent from most nut allergies. Free of all true nuts, our facility has no risk of contamination.

Freezer Safe

While kept great in the fridge, our cakes will last 6 to 12 months in an average freezer. They can be refrozen, as well!

Great Taste!

Made with the love and determination of a grandmother for her grandson with dietary health issues. The flavor speaks for itself, with no one left out. Thank you grandma!

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"It was stunning, simply delicious! The chocolate is to die for too."

Amybeth H.

"...vegan, soy and gluten free - and SO GOOD!! I don't normally chose gluten free products so I'm comparing this to a "regular" cake and I can tell you that this was totally yummy. Great texture and good frosting too. What a treat!"

cp jp

"Delicious!! You can keep them in the freezer for weeks and they’re still so good."

Christina N.
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Our Products


Our delicious, signature vegan and gluten-free recipe, in four classic flavors. Made to be enjoyed together!

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Individual blasts of cake and frosting, from the same signature recipes. Moist and flavorful delights!

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Lorraine's Cakes co-founders Tyler and Lorraine, smiling behind a counter filled with their cake products.

Our Story

Founded by a loving grandmother and her grandson learning to work with his new health issues.

When Grandma Lorraine made a cake for her grandson Tyler, she brought him the world of desserts he thought was long lost...

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